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The first mill of what is today PAMOL Plantations Plc, was inaugurated on the 14th of April, 1967 by Cameroon`s first President Amadou Ahidjo in Lobe.  At that time, the company was known as « Plantations Pamol Du Cameroun » and owned by a British concern by name Unilever. When the expatriates left in the late 1980s, because the prices of rubber and palm oil plummeted across the board making their operations unprofitable, Plantations Pamol du Cameroun, was placed under liquidation.  At this point, Unilever got pollination insects from the research centre in Lobe conducted by a team led by Dr. Syed and exported to Unilever plantations in Malaysia and that boosted their production about 3-folds causing them to find no reason to stay in Cameroon.

However, the company continued operations until July 1996, when Pamol Plantations Ltd was created through a debt equity swap between creditors of the defunct Plantations Pamol du Cameroun Ltd, which was still a subsidiary of Unilever and shareholders of the new company. The new company kick started its operations in November, 1996. Pamol Plantations Ltd was transformed into Pamol Plantations Public Liability Company in November, 2006 to conform to the OHADA treaty and it has remained as such to date.

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